Public engagement

I have written to general audiences and been interviewed on topics related to social media practices, cultures, and experiences:

(2021) “The Metaverse and the matter of experience: Why we need a critical phenomenology of social media”. Media@LSE Blog, 04 November 2021. 

(2021) “When terror became a media event”, radio show for SWR2 Germany. Interviewed by Marisa Gierlinger. 

(2021) “Into ‘the pit’: the science of mindless scrolling”. CANVAS8 report. Interviewed by Hannah Elderfield. 

(2021) “’Study with me’ videos become a hit during the pandemic”. Journalistic piece published in the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. Interviewed by Susana Terao. 

(2021) “Continuous connection as a business model”. Digital Content Next – Advancing the Future of Trusted Content. Cited in piece written by Rande Price.